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    Invite and Collaborate with area experts to get your plan started.

    • Planning Team Collaboration ToolGet everyone on the same screen with FireSmart Hub. Invite area experts such as Wildfire Prevention officers, expert planners/contractors, forestry company liaisons, municipal planners, fire chiefs, GIS personnel, etc.
    • Plan PrivacyYour plan is kept private until you are ready to publish. And even then, you can choose to publish your plan Public or Private.
    • Built-in GIS dataAccess to reams of fresh GIS data layers that can be exported to a Geo-referenced PDF for field use in Hazard Assessments, etc.


      Easily see how your plan is progressing

      • Project Management ToolsQuickly define which FireSmart activities will be a part of your plan, add milestones, specify budgets and timelines.
      • GIS Data ManagementUpload your FireSmart treatment GIS data, and community map features, such as Values at Risk, Evacuation Routes, Hydrants, etc. No GIS data? Use FireSmart Hub’s GIS drawing tools to create it from scratch.
      • Document ManagementEasily upload your Mitigation Strategy documents and other associated documents to keep everything in the same location.
      • Community DashboardEasily see how your project is at a glance with your private community dashboard.


        Draw, configure and create your Wildfire Preparedness Guide.

        • Map Drawing/EditingHaven't got access to GIS tools? Use the FireSmart Hub’s GIS drawing tools to create treatment polygons, add Values at Risk, Evacuation Routes, etc. Need to make an update? Select and edit any GIS object in your community's map.
        • Wildfire Preparedness Guide WizardEnjoy the benefits of a step-by-step Wildfire preparedness guide wizard that let’s you add key information and configure essential GIS data such as Values at Risk and Evacuation Routes. Built upon the latest government recommendations.

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