Built for communities, the Hub benefits everyone involved.

Benefits for your Community

  • Easy-to-use templates
  • GIS Import and map drawing tools
  • Packed full of map layers
  • 24/7 Access for emergency response teams
  • Planning team collaboration
  • Manage the privacy settings for your data

    Benefits for Emergency Response Teams

    • Online, centralized repository of plans
    • Augments existing tools
    • Based upon ‘Developing a Wildfire Preparedness Guide’, by Agriculture and Forestry, Government of Alberta
    • Consistent Plans
    • Planning Team Collaboration

      Benefits for Contractors

      • Access to community Structural Protection data (historical and current)
      • Access to FireSmart treatment data
      • Access to Historical Plans
      • Exports Geo-Referenced PDF Map for use in other tools
      • GIS Import and Map Drawing Tools
      • FireWeb and Altalis™ data included
      • Timing lags are minimized because communities can initiate plans on their own

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